HANABI  花火  Autumn/Winter 2019/20

We named our 29th collection HANABI 花火 the Japanese word for fireworks. Invented in the early 9th century in China, people originally believed that fireworks could expel evil spirits and bring luck and happiness. Fireworks also celebrate the cycle of life and of the seasons and the beginning of something new.

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Our HANABI collection was shot by Neda Rajabi in her Studio in Berlin. Model Lucy C. Pedroso (Izaio). Art direction & graphic design by our friend T.S. / Theory of a Small World. Hair & make-up, as many times before, by Sayuri Sakairi.
Styling Solveig Viola & Svenja Specht, supported by our intern Hannah Horst. It was a wonderful shooting
- thank you very much! 

THE INSPIRATION „The transformation of man to beast is a central aspect of traditional pagan rituals that are centuries old and which celebrate the seasonal cycle, fertility, life and death. 

Each year, throughout Europe, from Scotland to Bulgaria, from Finland to Italy, from Portugal to Greece via France, Switzerland and Germany, people literally put themselves into the skin of the ‘savage’, in masquerades that stretch back centuries. By becoming a bear, a goat...

... a stag or a wild boar, a man of straw, a devil or a monster with jaws of steel, these people celebrate the cycle of life and of the seasons. Their costumes, made of animal skins or of plants, and decorated with bones, encircled with bells, and capped with horns or antlers, amaze us with their extraordinary diversity and prodigious beauty.“

Extract of `The Wild Man´ 
by Charles Féger