About us

Reality Studio´s aim is to represent the here and now. German designer Svenja Specht observes her reality by investigating the 
everyday, exploring her surroundings and the interactions of people through clothing. Social awareness and sustainability have
been a part of our foundation since we started the brand in Berlin.
In 2014 we moved our home & studio to Porto to be closer to our workshops. Since then, all our pieces are produced in Portugal.
All our workshops are located close to our studio. This allows us to be involved in the entire development process of our products.

Traditional clothing with its ancient craft techniques and cultural references heavily influences our work. The interest in genuine
craft makes us question fast fashion trends and mass production methods. It is the social and cultural aspects of fashion that
inspire us. For us to make clothing means to take these aspects and provide a home for bodies which have to adapt in a day, 
a month, a year, a life to our ever changing conditions and circumstances. Therefore the shapes of the resulting garments are
often open to changes and adaptions. 

The materials are carefully selected and are uniquely composed. Refined detailing and manufacturing lead to contemporary
pieces with a life long value. The resulting collections appear as a contradictory mix of appealing elegance, feminine strength
and a delicate sensitivity with the aim to express: 

“Do what you love and live now”

All pictures shown here were taken in our studio in Porto.